Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Advantages of using a Colour Laser Printer

One of the problems that people face is not just deciding on which brand of printer to buy, but also what type of printer. Laser printers have existed for so long, but their price never fell underneath the tempting budget models of BubbleJet printers and other attractively priced units. Many people often believe that these laser printers are best for office use since they print faster, while home users would rather pay less and be patient instead. However there are various other advantages of colour laser printers over the other types available.

Less Frequent Ink Replacements

Ink replacements can not only add costs to a cheap printer, but they can also cause more inconvenience when a replacement ink cartridge is required, but not always readily available. While the installation of toners in laser printers is slightly more complex depending on the model, you will find these won't need replacing as often.

Bigger Savings in the Long Run

Buying that inexpensive coloured printer can undoubtedly save you money compared to getting a good laser printer. But if you start using it too often, you may find yourself spending more on ink cartridges and the expenses expanding since you always need a constant supply of coloured ink for continuous printing. Laser printers will save a lot more since they can printer more pages per supply toner.