Friday, June 25, 2010

Printer Ink Cartridges for Home or Office

Yes, in choosing a printer for your home office really need a fairly mature consideration. Many considerations in selecting the printer as it is based on your job to print the results of your work. Whether to print a good picture? It takes high-resolution printers. Or enough to print the sales invoice / purchase your company? Maybe enough with dot matrix printers. Let's look at an article from Kathryn Dawson.

Looking for a printer for your home office? Deciding on the right one for you can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you are not really sure what each type has to offer.

Printers have come a long way in recent years and these days they come in all shapes and sizes. Basically, there are three types of printers, the inkjet printer, the laser printer and the dot matrix printer. Here is a brief guide on the features of each.

Generally, ink-jet printers are the most popular type of printer as they are not too expensive. They use ink cartridges that can be purchased in black or colour, and can turn out excellent quality graphics, text, documents and spreadsheets and photos. Quality inkjet printers can produce precise and sharp images and are manufactured by some of the leading names in technology, including Epson, Canon, Lexmark, HP, and Ricoh. Suited to both personal and professional use, their specific features include network connectivity options, elevated dpi, integrated memory and memory card slots.

Photo inkjet printers have a broad range of editing options and features which print out clear, pure images. Their ability to catch the vibrant colours and tiny details of the original image is inspiring.